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Application-Specific Configurable Lithium-Ion Modules

The PRISLogic series from electroVolt is designed to provide the highest level of performance and reliability for your specific application, without the cost, complexity, and lead time of a ground-up custom-built solution. We are here to help you solve your energy solution puzzle.

PRISLogic modules are advanced energy storage systems with a highly optimizable smart Battery Management System (BMS Beyond™) designed to maximize the safety, reliability, and performance of your application. Our modules can be wired together in series or in parallel to easily create systems with voltages from 12.8V to over 800V, and capacities from 50Ah to grid-scale all without losing critical systems monitoring and control.

BMS Beyond ™ Maximizing Performance.
Rapid Custom System Development.
Engineered for Safety and Reliability.
Power Solution Experts
Benefiting from nearly 20 years experience.
electroVolt's Line of PRISLogic Batteries
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Solving Battery Puzzle

These modules are designed for both stationary and motive energy storage systems and excel in systems requiring fail-safe operation in challenging environments. Whether it’s for reliable backup power solutions, telecommunications, material handling robotics, unmanned systems, or any critical energy storage need.

The PRISLogic team is here to help bring your custom vision to reality.

BMS Beyond™ Maximizing Performance

PRISLogic modules feature a robust BMS and communication system that allows for custom system performance without the complexity.
Our dedicated staff works with you to tailor every module to meet your specific needs and requirements, including charging, discharging, data aggregation, and system communication. This unique approach allows for maximum system performance, reliability, and safety.

No longer do you need to limit your applications based upon the “out of the box” configurations and communications offered by other BMS. Our team takes the time to understand your “pain points” and configures the system to your specific needs, be it maximizing life expectancy, delivering maximum discharge currents, or complex host application data requirements.

Production of PRISLogic Batteries
Lithium Up to 3x Faster
Rapid Custom System Development

Our modular design, configurable BMS, and customer-centric approach allows electroVolt to rapidly decrease risk, accelerate time to market, and deliver a ground-up custom energy storage solution faster than our competitors - saving you and your team valuable time and money.

To fully understand your needs, our team works side-by-side with you to develop a comprehensive Product Requirements Document, outlining system configuration, capacity and voltage requirements, charging parameters, and all other necessary regulatory compliance needs.

Upon request, our team can deliver a test bench system using our PRISLogic modules allowing concurrent development efforts between your team and ours further de-risking your project and decreasing the development process time.

Engineered For Reliability And Safety

electroVolt PRISLogic modules are designed from the ground up to provide mission-critical reliability and safety. LiFePO4 cells are well known for their safety and reliability as they are less prone to experience thermal runaway issues associated with overcharge and lithium plating. electroVolt went a step further and developed Thermal Shield Technology that improves thermal management, provides optimum distributed pressure on the electrode surface, and reduces cell-to-cell fire propagation.

PRISLogic with Thermal Shield

The PRISLogic design allows tailoring of the control parameters and communications with the application without the need for additional application-specific hardware or software - lowering your development cost and time. The high capability for customization and safety gives users the flexibility to quickly integrate PRISLogic energy storage products into their applications without the need to develop the usual ancillary control systems to assure adherence with the various regulatory compliance requirements.

Get Started

PRISLogic modules are currently available in nine basic building block configurations. We can further work with you to optimize the system to fit your specific needs. Contact our team for more information and to get started.

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Need More Information?

If you have more detailed specifications and system needs, please fill out the request for information (RFI) form below for a more expedited and detailed quote.